About Us

This business was created 25 years ago, back in 1992 with the arrival of the Olympics in Barcelona. It was at that time when business was started based on the area of ​​accommodation and rental of flats and apartments, giving as its main objective its main location in the center of our city of Barcelona.

Our success is forged in the trust of our clients and collaborators to get to where we have reached today, to be one of the main portals of part-time tourist accommodation.

Our nerve center is located in the city of Barcelona and we have 2 rural hotels in the Lérida region and apartments on the coast of Alicante and Maresma. It is a family business and of great unity, giving as main objective the client who requests us to stay in our apartments.

Our apartments

Our apartments are uniquely and exclusively designed for our clients, who want space as homely as possible, prioritizing comfort in all its spaces. Simplicity makes it attractive and easy to be around. Giving the greatest scope to all services on foot, such as central supermarket and laundry as well as restaurants, hairdressers etc.

The area

The area in which our apartments are located is very central and comfortable, located in the heart of the city. Its location makes them unmatched, since they have all the mobility services, from bicycle bikes, buses, subways and walks along large avenues with all the major brands on the market, and without the need to take public transport, that’s why it does Its location is accessible, resulting in being able to get to know a city at street level.

Things to do in the area

Its main feature is undoubtedly the gastronomy of the place, resulting in an incomparable pleasure with all its diversity. During the day we have some of the most emblematic beaches in Barcelona where its “la Barceloneta” fishermen’s neighborhood is located and full of a good atmosphere just a few minutes or of course our famous Paseo de Gracia. And without going any further, you can share a Zoo and public parks and without forgetting our terraces to share unique moments and our cable car. And without a doubt when night comes it is a space full of fun and gastronomy.