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Top 4 Copenhagen sports events in 2020 you SHOULD BE PART OF

Danes love the sport. Sometimes they do it for fun and sometimes they take it seriously. This year they definitely take it to a new level as Copenhagen is hosting several international sports events in 2020 that can be of great interest to both amateur and professional athletes. Exercising in the fresh air, while enjoying the views of Copenhagen, or supporting your favorite football team at a stadium can be an unforgettable experience.

Come and join these unique sporting events happening in Copenhagen in 2020.

The Color Run Copenhagen

This iconic race of 5 km is the world’s most fun one. It is a true phenomenon that has attracted runners in more than 40 countries and it’s now coming to Copenhagen! In order to participate you only have to follow two rules: wear white clothes and try to make them as dirty (colorful!) as possible. Easy, right?

Save the date of September 12th when The Color Run is visiting the Danish capital. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to have a good time there. You are even allowed to walk or crawl all the way to the finish. So, dress all white, take your friends and get ready to join the happy crowd!

the color run
Source: thecolorrun

Copenhagen marathon 2020

Feel like running but not sure about getting covered in colourful dyes? How about running together with thousands of people alongside the major sightseeing spots in Copenhagen in an internationally certified race? If that sounds familiar to you, then you’ve probably heard of the Copenhagen marathon. This truly remarkable event is occurring on the 17th of May and the entries are already being gathered.

Get a move on registering yourself for this 42,2km race and study the pack of useful guides before preparing for the marathon. Before arriving in Copenhagen, make sure you have arranged accommodation for you and your friends as most of the hotels will be fully booked a few months before the marathon. To stay in shape before the event, you can join the official marathon’s group training which is free of charge and open to everyone – no matter your level or pace. Even if you’ve never participated in a marathon, it’d be the right time to start: the organisers have prepared the beginner guide for you to overcome challenges and make it to the finish.

UEFA EURO Cup 2020 – celebrate football

It is the event some of you have been waiting for 4 years for! Yes, the UEFA Euro Cup is happening this summer and yes, Copenhagen is one of the hosting cities. If you have a ticket already – lucky you, if you don’t – then join the football madness embracing the city this June. 

Whether you’re a ticket holder or just want to celebrate the festival of football, it’s important to do some planning before you come.

Bring your colourful outfits and banners for the match! Keep in mind the restrictions created for your safety, you can always check them here. Don’t forget to download the official app – UEFA EURO 2020 app. There you’ll find all the necessary information about the event’s schedule and additional festive occasions taking place in Copenhagen. It’s always better to be prepared in advance, especially when it comes to accommodation. You can expect a lot of football fans and tourists coming to Copenhagen so make sure you have your place booked already. Have a look at these apartments located very close to the Parken stadium where EURO Cup matches will be played.

Ironman – test your limits

This race consists of three main parts – swimming at Amager strand park, biking through North Zealand and running in the very centre of Copenhagen. Ironman is taking place on August 16th and no matter if you’re a participant or a spectator, take your time to prepare for this incredible event.

For those who register themselves as participants, there is a pack of programs available to prepare for the race and boost morale. If you are a supporter, check out the routes where the race is taking place and make your own adventure when following the athletes using a special athlete tracker app. If you decide to follow swimming, biking or running or even all of them – wonderful sights of the city landscape, coastline and countryside are guaranteed. You may also get some inspiration from the published stories of the former participants and, who knows, maybe you’ll become the next entrant!

ironman copenhagen
Source: ironman

Hope that your next trip to Copenhagen, either as an athlete or a sports lover, will be a fascinating experience!

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Boat tour or a bike tour? Copenhagen has you covered

Copenhagen is unique in many ways. Two ways the city is unique is

  1. it’s is located right by the ocean and a canal runs through the center of the city.

2. it’s super bike-friendly – everyone here bikes! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to explore Copenhagen like you never have before. On a bike or from the waterside!

Go on a boat – let the captain guide you

Experience Copenhagen while relaxing in cosy little boats with enough space for twelve people. These boat tours share routes that you can sail to make the most of your trip. This way you get to explore and dive into a completely different side of Copenhagen that you’ve never seen before. 

Bring together a group of friends or family and get ready to sail. You can choose between seeing the “landmarks” tour which goes through the old city center with many historical sites and the “hidden gems” tour where you are shown nice spots off the beaten tourist tracks. Regardless of which one you choose, a complimentary drink on board is included.

Hey Captain Copenhagen Canal tour – havnerundfart og kanalrundfart i københavn

Rent a boat – you’re the captain

Hop aboard and see the gorgeous, old canals with the beautiful buildings, sail towards Christianshavn or towards Sydhavn that lets you see modern, impressive architecture in this newer part of town.

You only have to be at least 18 years old and not intoxicated to drive a boat.

As a captain, you have freedom regarding which part of Copenhagen to sail around, which canals to see. It’s way funnier to sail together with friends or close ones so bring them along as each boat can fit up to eight people, no matter of age and size.

An easy way to enjoy these activities is to check out our services page, pick up the most convenient day and time slot for you and fill in the booking form. Our concierge will make sure you’ll be happy with the trip and get the best out of your sailing experience!

Do your bike tour

Copenhagen is one of the best cities to bike in. Every day, more than 50.000 bikers pass the central Dronning Louises Bro – it’s safe to say that biking in Copenhagen is the ultimate way to get around. 

Rent a bike (or an electric scooter if you dare). You can rent the white city bikes that are located all over the city, you can rent a bike at a local bike shop or book bikes for you and your friends in advance to save some time and enjoy Copenhagen like a local.

Once you’re on your bike – you’re ready to bike around the town and go on a bike adventure. Choose a neighborhood to explore – Refshaleøen as an example is fun to bike to!

Source: Unsplash

Book a bike tour

If you’re more into outsourcing the guide part of your bike tour – you have all the luck. There are plenty of ‘Copenhagen like a local’ bike tours to join in Copenhagen. This way, you’ll have a guide to do the hard work, while you just follow them on your bike and see the great parts of Copenhagen. What’s not to like? 

Guided tour or not, by boat or bike – it’s up to you – and you don’t even have to choose! Choosing one doesn’t have to exclude the other. It’s fun to do all of the above!

About the author:

Born and bred in Copenhagen, Caroline Sølver is the expert when it comes to everything Copenhagen, from the hippest spots to get your coffee fix, the nicest views, and the hidden gems. Caroline runs her own personal lifestyle blog Silver Stories and a podcast Silver Talks in which she shares her life, living between Copenhagen and NYC, where she runs a cafe with her partner and is currently working on two more guidebooks for NYC and Copenhagen. Follow along for her best tips to Copenhagen.